Sports Days

The Elms can take the responsibility away from your staff to organise and deliver a bespoke Sports Day in the Summer Term.

We can discuss events, size of groups/teams, duration, level of competition and event layout. Ensuring you have a stress free – but action packed – day. One that children, parents and staff will all remember.

Your school’s bespoke sports day can include recording of scores – allowing for a long term school competition, as well as a ‘Roll of Honour’.

Medals and presentations can also be part of the package.


  • Sprints (30m-80m)
  • Hurdles (30m-80m adjustable height)
  • Long Distance (150m-400m)
  • Relay


  • Javelin (Foam)
  • Shot Put (Rubber)
  • Discus (Rubber)
  • Long Jump (Standing)
  • Triple Jump (KS2)
  • Three Jumps (KS1)
  • Three Hops (KS1)
  • High Jump (based on school facilities/venue)
  • Bean Bag Throw (KS1)
  • Tennis Ball Throw KS1)


  • Egg & Spoon Race
  • Sack Race
  • Bean Bag Race
  • Obstacle Race
  • Fancy Dress Race

Activity Days

ESS can relieve your teaching staff for particular year groups simultaneously with innovative activity days. Organised games and activities are planned and delivered allowing staff PPA and meetings to go ahead whilst ensuring the children are active and productive.

Inter-House Competitions

If your school has houses or teams that the children represent, how about setting up fun, competitive games for them to play in? Football, Hockey, Netball and Tag Rugby are just a few sports on offer. League tables, as well as targets, can be introduced.

Antony Freer, Parent

St Andrew’s Camp, Enfield – June 2019

“My daughter absolutely loves the camps she’s been to so far!! Fair play to the Enfield guys, they’re doing a great job!!”