The Elms Tennis Club Leaderboard

The Elms LTC Leaderboard will showcase all those children who are constantly striving to better their game. The Leaderboard acts as a form of assessment for players and parents/guardians to monitor weekly performance.


We are delighted to announce the following winners from our Summer 2023 Leaderboard Competitions:

  • 1st - Ravi P
  • Joint 2nd - Habeebullah A
  • Joint 2nd - Leia J
  • Joint 2nd - Aarva P
  • Joint 2nd - Lyla K

Well done to all winners, you should be extremely proud of your achievements!

Autumn Term Leaderboards are running from 4th September to the end of Term – Good luck to all involved!

How Does It Work?

Following each session your child’s tennis coach will give the children a score out 10 based on many factors such as attitude, work ethic, improvement and performance.

For the first 9 weeks of the course, every child’s weekly score will be added to a running total. Then, from week 10 onwards, only the BEST 9 SCORES will remain on the Leaderboard. This means if a child is absent, or rain affects play, everyone has a fair chance of reaching the summit.


From September 2023, the top 5 children from each leaderboard will all receive the following: