ESS Leaderboard

The Elms Sport In Schools coach up to 7000 children per week in extra curricular clubs, all of whom are eligible for the ESS Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard is a form of assessment which allows you, the parent/guardian, to track your child’s progress throughout the term.

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How Does the Scheme Work?


Once registered, a child will be placed in the relevant discipline based on their chosen sport. There are 3 Leaderboards - football, tennis and multisports.

If a child is registered for various clubs they will be added to more than 1 of the Leaderboards. At the end of each session the coach will award a score to each child out of 10.

Scores are based on 5 key factors – attitude, performance, teamwork, work ethic and improvement.

The score received is then added to the Leaderboard with at least one pupil awarded the ‘Player of the Week’ certificate scoring 10.

For the first 9 weeks of each course, every child’s weekly score will be added to a running total. Then, from week 10 onwards, only the BEST 9 SCORES will remain on the Leaderboard. This means if a child is absent, or a school offers more weeks, everyone has a fair chance of reaching the summit.


The top 5 children from each Leaderboard will receive the following prizes:

1st - £50 sports gift voucher
1 free term and certificate of achievement

2nd - £25 sports gift voucher
1 free term and certificate of achievement

3rd - £10 sports gift voucher
1 free term and certificate of achievement

4th & 5th
1 free term and certificate of achievement

School Award

The school which is represented by the most children in the top 50 across all 3 Leaderboards will be rewarded with a certificate of achievement for that term.

Lavinia Riley, Registrar and Internal Operations Manager

The Lyceum School, London – May 2019

“Quick feedback from the first week, in a nutshell, the coaches are brilliant. Very professional and polite and the classes are run very well and have good structure. We look forward to working with the Elms for the foreseeable.”