ESS Leaderboard

The Elms Sport In Schools coach up to 7000 children per week in extra curriculum clubs, all of whom are eligible for the ESS Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard is a form of assessment which allows you, the parent/guardian, to track your child’s progress throughout the term.

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How Does the Scheme Work?


Once registered, a child will be placed in the relevant discipline based on their chosen sport. There are 3 Leaderboards - football, tennis and multisports.

If a child is registered for various clubs they will be added to more than 1 of the Leaderboards. At the end of each session the coach will award a score to each child out of 10.

Scores are based on 5 key factors – attitude, performance, teamwork, work ethic and improvement.

The score received is then added to the Leaderboard with at least one pupil awarded the ‘Player of the Week’ certificate scoring 10.

Over the course of the term the best 9 scores from the sessions will remain on the Leaderboard, this means if a child is absent or a school offers more weeks, everyone has a fair chance of reaching the summit.


The top 5 children from each Leaderboard will receive the following prizes:

1st - £50 sports gift voucher
1 free term and certificate of achievement

2nd - £25 sports gift voucher
1 free term and certificate of achievement

3rd - £10 sports gift voucher
1 free term and certificate of achievement

4th & 5th
1 free term and certificate of achievement

School Award

The school which is represented by the most children in the top 50 across all 3 Leaderboards will be rewarded with a certificate of achievement for that term.

Wincey Nyakpenu, Parent

St Andrews School October Holiday Camp, Enfield – November 2020

“I just want to say my daughter had an amazing time. I was a little worried as she’s only 4 and had just started reception but want to encourage her to enjoy sports.

Thank you so much to the coaches that ran the sessions at St Andrews School Enfield. She had the best time and was so keen to keep active. Looking forward to sending her again GOD willing in the future once things are up running again.”