Our Staff

Our coaching staff are the most experienced coaches in the business. They are fully qualified and widely experienced in delivering sport based lessons to pupils aged 4-11 years.

Our coaches are always conscious that their sessions must be consistent, action-packed and most important of all – fun!!

  • All Coaches are fully qualified
  • All Coaches are Enhanced DBS checked
  • All Coaches are First Aid qualified

Continuing Personal Development (CPD)

The Elms Sport in Schools is proud of its bespoke CPD programme. All coaches take part in our termly in-house training sessions and are regularly assessed and monitored by our team of Senior Managers.

We ensure that all coaches are fully trained in every aspect of working within a school environment:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Behaviour Management
  • Pupil Assessments


The Elms Sport in Schools is committed to promoting and delivering best practice when working with children. We ensure that each and every coach is familiar with our following policies:

  • Safeguarding Children
  • Health and Safety
  • Coaches Code of Ethics and Conduct

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Progress Points

In order to ensure CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for all the coaching staff at The Elms, coaches must gain 40 points per year (12 months rolling).

The table below explains the focal points. Points can be gained for the following:

Focal Points Points

One whole term’s sessions fully attended


Throughout a whole term (12-13 weeks) you have NOT missed one day’s coaching

Level 2 & above achieved in the year


Have you become newly qualified to Level 2 or above in any particular sport? The certificate must be added to your Elms in-house file before the points are submitted

New business


Any brand new schools The Elms are introduced to is classed as new business. This includes extra curricular activities gained at your current school as well as PPA hours

Attendance at Coaches/Senior Managers Meetings


Throughout the year there will be meetings organised by Management. You will be advised of these meetings in advance

Completed PPA test

2, 3

You can arrange to do an Elms PPA test at any time through your Senior Manager. The test will be 30 minutes duration and has to be completed at The Elms Head Office.

80%+ = 2 points
90%+ = 3 points

If unsuccessful or you wish to improve on your score, you can arrange to take the test again at any time

Attendance at ‘In-House’ training


There are 20 dates in the calender year where ‘in-house’ training takes place. These are 2 hour courses. Failure to arrive on time will mean you will have to re-book

New School figures 20+


Positive feedback from Schools/Parents


This could be in the form of an email sent into the Office by a Senior staff at a school as well as a phone call. Good feedback from parents also means proof is required – so a parent telling YOU how much Jimmy is enjoying tennis does not count! Ask the parent to put their comments in writing

Social Media


Every 5 posts sent to our Content Creator that are then used on SiS Instagram and Twitter accounts

Shadowing Senior Coaches (5 hours)


Shadowing a Senior Manager at any PPA/extra curricular activity is essential. Shadowing will mean taking sessions as well as observing

Failure to attend a session


Late for session


Time taken off during the term


Failure to return equipment


Justified complaint


Failure to meet deadlines


Verbal warning


Written warning