FAQ — Activity Camps

When are your camps open?

Feb half term, Easter, Whitsun, Summer and October half term holidays – see individual camps for exact dates at each venue.

What times are your camps?

The majority of camps are from 9am – 4pm. There are a few exceptions where the times may differ slightly – see individual camps for exact times at each venue. Children can attend for a morning/afternoon (only available at some camps) full day/whole week – or even longer!

How can I book a camp?

You can either book online (24hrs a day) or over the telephone (Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5.00pm).

How do I make payment?

Payment online or over the telephone can be by credit card or debit card.

Will I receive confirmation of booking?

Yes, if you book online, you will receive an email confirming the transaction and details of the course booked.
If you book over the telephone you will receive an immediate verbal confirmation, followed by an email detailing your booking.

Can I book on the day?

All children must be booked on in advance of the camp starting – no walk-ons are allowed. If you wish to book on the same day, please call Head Office to check availability.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 7 days notice for a full refund and a minimum of 24 hours notice for your booking to be moved to an alternative date/credit on account.

Do you have an early drop off/late pick up facility?

We no longer offer this service as we found there were only ever 1 or 2 children who required it – as you can imagine, such low numbers really do not work for an activity camp.

Can my child walk home on their own?

We would prefer ALL children to be collected from camp. If YOU wish your child to make their own way home, this would only be agreed in exceptional circumstances, dependent on their age and with written permission.

Are there age restrictions?

Most camps are for children of primary school age (4-12 years) Occasionally there may be a camp which has a more precise age range – see individual camps for exact ages.

How are the children grouped?

Children are grouped according to the activity they wish to participate in. Our coach to child ratio is 1:10 on average, with the younger children in smaller groups than the older ones. Children are continually monitored to ensure they are developing their skills whilst having a wonderful time.

Can my child be in the same group as their friend?

Absolutely! As long as they are of a similar age and both request to be with each other. On the other hand, please do not worry if they are attending camp on their own or if their sibling is in a different group – our coaches have many years’ experience and will always encourage children to get involved from the very start – which builds their confidence and helps friendships develop very quickly.

What qualifications do the coaches hold?

All our professional coaches are fully qualified to at least a level 2 in their specialised sport. They also attend regular, compulsory, in-house training throughout the year on a wide range of other sports. All are enhanced DBS checked and carry first aid, child protection and safeguarding certificates.

Does my child need to bring along any equipment?

We supply all equipment and resources, enough for each and every child – from smaller equipment and softer tennis balls for the younger children up to KS2 equipment for the older children. All art supplies and board games are also provided.

What is the daily programme?

Typical Camp Day
9.00am Morning Registration
9.15am Activity 1
10.45am Break
11.00am Activity 2
12.15pm Lunch
12.45pm Afternoon Registration
1.00pm Activity 3
2.15pm Break
2.30pm Activity 4
4.00pm Home

What activities would be offered?

A typical camp would offer a wide variety of sports and activities over the duration of the camp, such as art, athletics, basketball, board games, cricket, football, hockey, tennis, reading etc.

What happens in bad weather?

Sadly we cannot guarantee sunshine! However, all camps with the exception of The Elms Tennis Club, have indoor hall facilities for which we can adapt sports to indoor based games. We also provide board games, art supplies, reading material etc. This all ensures children can continue with the day and also allows for ‘down time’.

Please note that at The Elms Tennis Club, this indoor facility is a summerhouse for which we have an alternative wet weather programme.

What should my child wear?

Comfortable, weather appropriate clothing. We do recommend that all outer clothing such as jackets and sweatshirts are named to avoid confusion. If the weather is very hot we recommend a sun hat is worn.

Sun Protection – Please apply a high factor sun protection cream to your child before they attend camp. During Summer we recommend that your child brings this with them to re-apply throughout the day, our coaches will remind the children at break times and lunchtimes.

What should my child bring?

All children staying for a full day should bring a healthy packed lunch. As we cannot keep all children’s lunches cool until they are eaten, we do recommend adding an ice pack in the lunchbox to ensure contents are kept fresh until lunchtime. We also recommend providing their drink in a refillable bottle which they can then top up as necessary to stay hydrated. If staying for just a morning or afternoon then lunch is not required, however, it is a good idea to pack a snack and a drink for breaktime. Please note, The Elms are a totally nut-free company. Therefore, please ensure any snacks/lunches you provide for your child do NOT contain any nuts.

What should my child NOT bring?

We strongly advise that children do not bring along their mobile telephones, hand held computer games etc. There will be no time to use these items and they can often be mislaid. The Elms simply cannot take responsibility for any lost items as our insurance will not cover this. If your child is older and will be making their own way to/from camp, we understand that you may wish them to have a mobile phone for this journey – but once at camp this cannot be used, it MUST be kept in the child’s personal bag – please ensure your child is aware of this.

Will my child need any money at camp?

No there is no need for your child to bring money to Camp.

What happens if my child loses something at camp?

Please make sure that all of your children’s outer clothing and bags are named. This will help us to identify any lost property and get it back to you asap. If we come across any named property we will of course let you know. All items will be held for 30 days and any unclaimed lost property will then be taken to a local charity shop.

What happens if my child has an accident at camp?

Please do not worry, we have fully qualified first aid staff at every camp. Fortunately, the majority of injuries are scrapes, grazes, stings etc. If a child was to suffer anything more serious we would contact you immediately.

What is the procedure for children needing to visit the toilet during a session?

If a child needs to use the toilet during a session, they will be accompanied by another child – no child is ever left to go alone.

What is the procedure for children with specific medical issues?

When booking, you will be asked if there are any medical conditions we need to know about such as allergies, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy etc. Remember, the more you tell us, the better care we can provide. If your child requires any medication to be taken during the course of the day, please ensure that this is given to the Head Coach for safekeeping. In the case of a child carrying an Epi-Pen, this also must be given to the Head Coach on arrival, who will administer this if required.

Can I stay and watch my child during camp?

We cannot allow any adults to remain on site during camp. We have a responsibility to every child to ensure that the only adults present are Enhanced DBS checked and part of our organisation. You are more than welcome to chat to the coaches at the end of the session and ask for feedback on your child.

What is the procedure for somebody else collecting my child?

You must advise Head office of this arrangement and they will then inform the coach. We would require the full name, contact number and relationship connection of the named guardian.

Will my child be photographed?

Occasionally we use a professional photographer to take action shots during camps. In accordance with GDPR, these images would only be used for marketing and promotional purposes and would adhere to our Use of Images policy. We would, of course, request your signed permission before taking any photographs and they would never be passed on to a third party.

Do you accept childcare vouchers/offer discounts?

We no longer accept childcare vouchers, however, we do have the following discounts which you can take advantage of:

  • Early Bird Discount – we have a sliding scale of EB prices depending on how many days per week a child attends, the daily rate decreases with each day booked within a week. To activate the Early Bird Discount, bookings must be placed before deadline date – please check individual camp details for EB deadlines – which CANNOT be extended. After the Early Bird deadline, there will be a flat rate daily fee.
  • Sibling Discount – 20% Sibling Discount for the 2nd any subsequent children within a family, attending the same day.
  • NHS Discount – 50% discount on the daily rate for all NHS workers. Proof of NHS employment will be required – Please note, this discount CANNOT be used in conjunction with any other discount.

Do you have a Safeguarding Children Policy?

Yes, this policy is adhered to by all staff and is reviewed annually. If a parent/guardian or school would like to view this policy, or indeed any of our policies, please contact Head Office.

What happens if I am not happy with the service provided, or the coach?

If you have any concerns, please contact our Head Office. We always listen to feedback, investigate fully and then take appropriate action – we would of course keep you fully informed of our findings and advise you of the decided course of action.